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Attention Snowbirds, Vacationers, Business Owners and Investors:
DON'T RENT an Orlando area vacation home -
It’s a DOUBLE WIN for you – Use your vacation home for “FREE” AND, at a miniumumpay all of your costs of owning your vacation home via short term rentals when you are not using it!

Best Deals On Orlando Area Vacation Homes

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BEST Deals On Orlando Area Vacation Homes
Our property analysts perform a continuous analysis of all Orlando area vacation homes offered for sale - both new and resale vacation homes. Selections are continuously updated and are based on the following criteria – 
1) Recent Home Sales2) Sales Trends; and 3) Comparable Listed Homes.
See below to view the current BEST DEALS on vacation homes.
Note: Since we primarily represent buyers, most of the BEST DEALS properties listed below are not our listings.
(Bookmark this page - BEST DEALS listings are constanty being updated.)

New Homes

Solterra Homes For Sale

Location: Solterra Resort  Built: 2016 (New)
3100 SF-6 Bed-4.5 Bath
Tile Roof-Granite Countertops-Stainless Steel Appliances-Heated Pool And Spa Overlooking Retention Pond-Watch Beautiful Sunsets-$17,219 Discount
80/20-30 Year-2nd Home Loan - $1653/Mo.

Windsor Hills Condos For Sale

Location: Solterra Resort  Built: 2016 (New)
2826 SF-6 Bed-5.5 Bath
Upgraded Kitchen Cabinets-Granite Countertops-Oversized Pool And Deck-$27,300 Discount
80/20-30 Year-2nd Home Loan - $1519/Mo.

Resale Homes

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The Best Way To Purchase An Orlando Area Vacation Home

Easy To Use Searches For Orlando Area Vacation Homes

This website has been designed to make your search as easy as possible. Searches have been set up for each of the more popular vacation home communities showing if gated or not, community amenities, vacation home types for sale (single family home, townhouse or condo) and if new or resale, the price ranges of the vacation homes and proximity to Disney World. Here are all of the search links described above -

- Guard Gated Communities
- Keypad Gate Communities
- Non-Gated Communities
- Your Own Custom Search

Also, let Keith help you find your new vacation home. Based on your criteria for your new vacation home, he will make recommendations to you. An example: If you want your vacation home to be an income producer, Keith will recommend to you the communities and vacation homes that will best meet your investment goals. Often times buyers will choose Keith’s recommendations – they like them better, and they often cost less!
You will also be enrolled in our
FIRST ALERT - You will immediately be notified of any new listings or changes to existing listings for both resale vacation homes and new vacation homes that match your criteria. (We constantly monitor updates from MLS®, new home builders, and other sources.) Sometimes you have to move quickly to take advantage of discounted offerings. FIRST ALERT will enable you to do just that. 
Click on the graphic below to fill-out the simple form to get Keith started.

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Contact us and let us assist you with your vacation home purchase. Our services are free for you. Our fees will be paid by the seller at the closing. Our goal will be to assist you with finding the perfect vacation home for you that meets your needs, and all advice we give you will be focused solely toward that goal.

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