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Attention Snowbirds, Vacationers, Business Owners and Investors:
DON'T RENT an Orlando area vacation home -
It’s a DOUBLE WIN for you – Use your vacation home for “FREE” AND, at a miniumumpay all of your costs of owning your vacation home via short term rentals when you are not using it!

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The Best Way To Purchase An Orlando Area Vacation Home

To Purchase An Orlando Area Vacation Home

W Keith Courtney - Owner of The Pro Agent Group

"Hello. I'm Keith Courtney, owner of The Pro Agent Group. Our focus is real estate consulting and brokerage of vacation homes in the Disney World area. From my experiences with the buying, selling and short term renting of vacation homes, I have provided valuable assistance to many individuals - both foreign and domestic - with their vacation home dealings.
The purchase of a vacation home is an investment whether you plan to rent it or not. With any investment, you want to MAXimize what you get for the dollars that you spend, and you want to stay within your budget with no surprises. You need to be in total control of the entire process of purchasing your vacation home. I can help you do just that by us working together and following the steps outlined below.” 

Step 1: Determine Your Budget
There are 2 parts to determining how much you can pay for a vacation home:
1) Your Loan
If you will be utilizing a mortgage loan for your purchase of a vacation home, you will need to get a pre-approval from a lender that will offer you the best deal on a mortgage loan. The lender will issue you a loan pre-approval letter. 
The pre-approval letter will tell you how big of a loan you can qualify for, and you will need the pre-approval letter to submit with all offers since most sellers will not accept offers without one.  (If you are not going to finance the purchase of your new home, you will need a proof of funds letter from your bank to submit with your offer(s).)
If you need a lender referral, Keith can provide it.
2) Your Cash Requirement
The deposit on a mortgage loan is normally a percentage of the purchase price of a home – the most common conventional loan deposit being 20%. You will also have other cash requirements beyond the deposit on the loan. Your cash requirement to purchase a vacation home will also include additional closing costs and maybe either a home inspection cost or new construction monitoring, utility deposits, upgrades/renovation costs and other related costs (i.e.- travel costs).
Example: You are buying a $400,000 resale vacation home. Your deposit for the loan will be $80,000 cash (20% of $400,000). Your additional cash requirements include closing costs of $13,130 PLUS home inspection cost and maybe utility deposits and the costs of renovations to your new vacation home. Click on the graphic below to see the Cash Requirement For Your Vacation Home Purchase for this example.

Vacation Homes For Sale Near Disney

In summary, you need to plan your vacation home purchase budget around 2 factors:
1) The loan amount that you can borrow
2) The cash requirement of your closing plus any other expenses related to your purchase (home inspection or new construction monitoring cost, utility deposits, upgrades/renovations to your new vacation home, and any other related costs.)

Have Keith prepare a Cash Requirement For Your Vacation Home Purchase based on your pre-approved loan amount and an estimate of your other potential costs associated with your purchase.

Step 2: Criteria
There are certain criteria that you need to decide on regarding your vacation home before you begin your search - How many bedrooms and bathrooms? How many square feet do you want your home to be? New or resale? Single family home, townhouse or condo? Do you want to be in a gated community? What amenities do you want your vacation home community to have? Are you going to short term rent your vacation home? Do you want your vacation home to be an income producer with a certain return on your investment?

Do you need some assistance with the answers to some of the above? Keith can guide you. He can be of particular assistance if you want your vacation home to be an income producer - he will create pro forma statements revealing what you can expect for income for various vacation homes.

Step 3: Search
You now know what your budget is. Use the Internet and begin your search for your vacation home in the Orlando area. There are many vacation home communities in the Orlando area. Some are guard gated. Some are keypad gated, and others are non-gated. Many have a full complement of community amenites - clubhouse, pool, tennis courts and more while others offer a limited number of community amenities. A few offer no community amenities. Some of the communities offer single family homes, townhouses and condos while others offer one or two of the types of vacation homes. Each of the communities differ by the price range of the vacation homes offered. And, some of the communities are in close proximity to Disney World while many are not. With all of the options, your search can be daunting.

This website has been designed to make your search as easy as possible. Searches have been set up for each of the more popular vacation home communities showing if gated or not, community amenities, vacation home types for sale (single family home, townhouse or condo) and if new or resale, the price ranges of the vacation homes and proximity to Disney World. Here are all of the search links described above -

- Guard Gated Communities
- Keypad Gate Communities
- Non-Gated Communities
- Your Own Custom Search

Also, let Keith help you find your new vacation home. Based on your criteria for your new vacation home, he will make recommendations to you. If you want your vacation home to be an income producer, Keith will recommend to you the communities and vacation homes that will best meet your investment goals. Often times buyers will choose Keith’s recommendations – they like them better, and they often cost less! We will also enroll you in our FIRST ALERT - You will immediately be notified of any new listings or changes to existing listings for both resale vacation homes and new vacation homes that match your criteria. (We constantly monitor updates from MLS®, new home builders, and other sources.) Sometimes you have to move quickly to take advantage of discounted offerings. FIRST ALERT will enable you to do just that. 
Click on the graphic below to fill-out the simple form to get Keith started.

Vacation Homes For Sale

Step 4: Showings
Keith will set up the showings of the vacation homes that you would like to see coordinated around your schedule, and he will accompany you to the showings. Keith will help you analyze each vacation home based on age, features, rent potential, upgrades/repairs needed, etc.

Step 5: Decision
You have seen all of the vacation homes that you are considering, and now it is decision time. You base your final decision on features included with each home, pricing, location, the cash requirement to purchase each vacation home and maybe the income potential.

Keith will create a Cash Requirement For Your Vacation Home Purchase for each vacation home you are considering to help you with your decision.

Step 6: Contract
You have decided which vacation home that you want to purchase, and you are ready to submit an offer. Keith will write the contract for you and submit it to the seller’s agent, and he will make sure that the contract specifies your offering price, what personal property in the home that you want included in the contract, your escrow deposit amount, the closing date, the time the seller has to accept your offer, and contingencies (subject to financing and home inspection being the most common). When Keith submits the contract along with your pre-approval letter, he will discuss the contract with the seller’s agent with 2 purposes - to justify the offering price based on comparable properties and market conditions and to try to get a reading from the seller’s agent on how negotiable the seller may be.

Step 7: Negotiation
Keith is an excellent negotiator of contracts. He will assist you in negotiating the best deal for you. And, once the final terms are agreed upon, Keith will make sure that a final contract is prepared and initialed by all parties reflecting all agreed upon changes.

Step 8: Contingencies
The financing contingency in the contract will have a deadline date. Your final loan approval must be secured by this date. Keith will stay in contact with you and your lender making sure that the lender receives all information from you in a timely manner to easily meet the deadline.

For Resales - The home inspection contingency in the contract will also have a deadline date. The home inspection and your demands of repairs needed, as shown in the inspection report, must be done and submitted before the date. Keith has contacts with excellent home inspectors. He will make sure that the home inspection is done in a timely manner and that any findings requiring action by the seller are conveyed to the seller before the deadline date. If repairs are required, Keith will make sure they are done and are completed to your satisfaction by the closing date.

For New Custom-Built Homes - Your closing on your new custom-built home is contingent on the home being constructed using sound construction practices and following all agreed upon specifications. As your new custom-built home is being constructed, it is imperative that you monitor the construction of your home. You want to make sure that your new home is constructed as agreed upon. If you are not local or you don't feel that you're qualified to adequately monitor the construction, Keith has an excellent contact - someone who has built hundreds of homes - who can do it for you.

Step 9: ALTA
Before the closing, the title company will send an ALTA to you, which breaks down all debits and credits for the closing for you and the seller. The ALTA will show exactly how much “cash” (cashier’s check) you have to bring to the closing. The ALTA can be confusing especially with its prorations. Keith will go over the ALTA with you to make sure you understand all of its totals and to make sure that it is correct. If any corrections are required, Keith will convey them to the title company that prepared the ALTA. Click on the graphic below to view a sample ALTA.

Windsor Hills Homes For Sale

Step 10: Closing
On the day of the closing, you and Keith will do a final walk-thru of your new vacation home before the actual closing making sure that everything is as is specified in the contract. Keith will then accompany you to the closing (probably at the title company). There should be no surprises because you have been in total control of every step leading up to the close. You will sign all documents and present your cashier’s check. Congratulations!

Be in TOTAL CONTROL.  Let Keith help you with your vacation home purchase.  
(His contact information is on this page.)

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Contact us and let us assist you with your vacation home purchase. Our services are free for you. Our fees will be paid by the seller at the closing. Our goal will be to assist you with finding the perfect vacation home for you that meets your needs, and all advice we give you will be focused solely toward that goal.

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